Case Study: Adreco Plastics

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Adreco Plastics

Adreco plastics is a UK plastic injection moulding company. Founded in 1977 in Milton Keynes, the UK’s most prosperous city and has been manufacturing for over 40 years.  Milton Keynes remains our Head Office and we also have facilities in Shenzhen, China.


Client had a very basic website with no traffic. We were also asked to show us results in 4 months after the site goes live before they sign a long term contract.


Web Development.

We delivered good quality and fully responsive website to build brand and business online.


The website was built by keeping SEO and future growth in mind. After the release, we started our SEO trial campaigns for 4 months.


We earned a long term contract after deliveringa  successful website and excellent growth in organic ranking and traffic. See images. After completing a successfull trial period, we were asked to manage the full online marketing and lead generation process.

  • Over 32% growth in overall traffic during first  4 months. 80% of this traffic was delivered by organic search.

  • During Nov-19 website reported 1,448.15% YOY growth in overall traffic and 2,600.81% within organic traffic.

  • Over 100 strategically important keywords were ranking at page 1 by the end of trial period.

From the client


Alexander Gustaffson
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