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Law Firm Marketing

At Q-Online, we believe that every legal business should
invest in bespoke law firm SEO as a way to stand out from the crowd online and
to attract targeted leads that turn into lucrative paying clients. More and
more law firms are turning to digital marketing to gain visibility in a crowded

Q-Online provides tailored digital marketing supportto law firms of all sizes and
specialities across the UK. We have worked with a large number of legal firms
and know how to make the most of their services, online resources and
individual personality to drive client leads. Through carefully researched SEO,
we can help you turn your website into your best-ever advertising tool, for a
very competitive fee.

What is law firm marketing?

All organisations seeking to attract customers need to
market themselves through a wide range of avenues. In this technological age,
more of the most important way to promote services is through digital marketing
and aiming to rank as highly as possible in Google’s search engine results. SEO
is all about working with the algorithms provided by Google and other search
engines to try and match your online content with how and what people are
searching for online.

Law firm marketing largely works in the same way as
marketing for any service provider, however, expert help and knowledge of law
SEO techniques brings an added dimension to the operation, aligning your
company precisely with the most effective SEO methods out there.

Law Firm SEO Tips – Top 10

We have put together an easy-to-follow introduction to
SEO for law firms, showing you the ten steps that you must take in order to
kick start your own law SEO campaign the offers quick and trustworthy results.

Review your website

You wouldn’t step into a court room without knowing the
full picture. So, too, should you make sure that you know what the state of
play is before embarking upon your new SEO campaign. Ask a trusted third party
to look through your website to check for things like broken links, out of date
information, nonsensical language and typos. Is it responsive enough and can
they access the information they need quickly and easily? Get them to navigate
their way around using the menus, drop-down boxes buttons and other navigation
tools. Tell them to be honest – and take any feedback in the right way. The aim
of this exercise is to work out what needs to change to make your website work
even harder.

Are you mobile friendly?

Today’s clients are always on the move. Whether they are
running large businesses or running about doing personal errands all day long,
few of us have time to sit at a desk and spend hours researching which law firm
we want to use. So, when you carry out your website review, don’t forget to
access it via different internet browsers and – most importantly – using
different mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Can you read the
information easily? Do the internal links and menus still work OK? Are you able
to you enlarge the text to read it better on a small screen?

Know thine enemy

Bear in mind that, while you are taking your first steps
towards a law firm SEO campaign, chances are your competitors are either doing
likewise, or are several steps ahead of you. It is worth investing some time
and money into thorough competitor research, checking out their websites and
online presence to see what seems to be working and what kind of ideas you
could incorporate into your own digital marketing and SEO efforts. If you don’t
know who your main competitors are, then it is time to find out.

Do your keyword research

Once your have set the scene, it’s time to introduce your
leading players. Choosing the right keywords will make all the difference
between a successful SEO campaign and a flop. Take plenty of time to think
about the keywords you would like to use to drive traffic to your site.  Look for more targeted ones – the general
terms will already be being used by lots of other law firms, so think
creatively to come up with terms that are more likely to link people back to
your site specifically. Once you have your list of keywords, search them on
Google to see which types of law firms come higher up the rankings. Think about
creating pages around specific keywords – and more than one page for each one
too, to attract Google’s attention and secure your place as an expert.

All in the details

You may well be on top of your keyword research when it
comes to your home page, services pages and other key areas of your website,
but don’t forget to add them to other ‘hidden’ areas, such as title tags, meta
descriptions and alt tags, or text alternatives that are associated with the
images that appear on your site. All of these places are ripe for carefully
chosen keywords and all play their part in encouraging Google to push your site
up the rankings

Take care, however, not to overstuff these areas with
keywords to the point that the text no longer makes sense. Be selective when
writing your description of what the images show. After all, alt tags are used
not only by search engine algorithms but also human beings who operate screen
readers in order to access content online.

Localise your approach

Law firms often rely on
building a network of clients within their local community that, in turn,
generates more business through recommendations and word of mouth. Focusing on
local SEO, therefore, is a great way for law firms to attract audiences located
close by to their offices, for example, and to generate positive feedback about
them. People tend to look for a locally based lawyer in the first instance, sop
take advantage of this trend and seek professional support for a local SEO

Build it and they will come

Link building is a crucial part of an SEO campaign. A main
aim is to establish authority – something that is hugely valuable to law firms
seeking credibility in a crowded field. However, it is very important that you
understand the nuances of link building – it’s no good simply spamming other
sites with irrelevant content that links back to your own. Add plenty of
internal links to your own site, as these can encourage users to explore deeper
into your site and so drive traffic and conversions. Linking to external sites
that fit with your values and quality of offering can also help to raise
credibility and hopefully earn you a quality backlink or two.

Blog, blog and blog some more

Having a blog is an excellent way to ensure that you are
regularly adding fresh content – something that google is very keen on when it
comes to rankings. Blogging about relevant issues, offering advice or
commenting on related current affairs show that you are an expert in your
chosen field(s) of law and therefore a trustworthy choice for a new or existing
client. Blogs are a great place to insert keywords and phrases to drive help
traffic. You can also enhance your localised SEO as per the point above by
adding geographical keywords to your blog title or in the first 100 words to attract
locally based new clients. Don’t forget to include buttons for people to link
your blog to social media or to email the URL to their friends.

Pay Per Click is your ally

Incorporating a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign
into your overarching digital marketing and SEO activity allows you to create a
targeted, competitively priced advertising attack that links directly into the
exact words and phrases that your potential clients are using to search for a
law firm to engage. PPC advertising works by needing to pay only when someone
clicks on your advert. You can change your keywords as often as you like, and
run different PPC campaigns simultaneously, targeting different types of
potential clients, or highlighting different services or areas of law.

Monitor your progress

Another stage of business that law companies will be very
familiar with is monitoring progress and ensuring regular reviews. Work with
your SEO experts to make sure that the increased traffic and sales leads that
you are seeing really are turning into paying clients and repeat business.
Follow your rankings progress and make sure that the keywords you chose at the
start of your campaign are still having the desired effect on your online
presence and digital marketing aspirations. Some useful tools to get to know
include Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. If you don’t see drastic
improvements straight away, be patient. Search engines can sometimes take a
while to catch up with the changes you have made.

Law Firm SEO Experts

If you would like to know more about how Q-Online and our digital marketing experts can help your law firm with its SEO, please give us a call to find out how we can help your law practice, company or legal department grow


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                  Search engine optimisation is a rapidly growing industry and rightly so, transforming into becoming an 80 billion industry.View more.

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