How Google is Enhancing AdWords

How Google is Enhancing AdWords

Google’s AdWords tool has been incredibly popular, allowing companies to create highly targeted, concise advertisements that appear directly in front of potential real-time customers looking for their services in the right geographical area.

The benefits of AdWords are undeniable, however, Google is constantly working to improve and enhance their already successful advertising product, in order to increase revenue further and enhance results for end-users.

The latest development comes in the form of Enhanced Campaigns: an upgrade to AdWords, which allows users to hone their adverts even further to perform better on multiple mobile and desktop devices at the same time, along with a raft of other digital marketing and advert analysis improvements.

So what is Enhanced Campaigns and what will it mean for your AdWords activity? A key advantage is the opportunity to set up your ad campaign to reflect the growing trend of people staying connected to the Internet 24 hours per day and using multiple resources to search online. Where previously, companies have had to set up a range of different ad campaigns and time them carefully to reach the right people at the right time, Google’s Enhanced Campaign now does all this for you. The new product now allows you to create different versions of your ad in the same place, automatically fixing bid amounts and adjusting the wording and calls to action for different devices while still using the same keywords.

For example, an ad appearing to someone looking for a new watch on a desktop PC might focus on website links to a retail portal where they can browse and then click to buy their chosen model over the Internet. The same ad that has been developed by Enhanced Campaigns for a mobile device might give a ‘click to call’ phone number for the watch retailer’s nearest store to the mobile device’s current location, as well as a link to a map or directions. This information clearly benefits people wanting to physically visit the shop to buy a watch rather than browse online from their office PC.

In addition, Google’s Enhanced Campaigns website has a raft of resources to help users adjust to the new tool and get the best out of its new features. From webinars to white papers; forum discussions to dedicated help centres, there is plenty of advice available for AdWords devotees wanting to fix their adverts according to contextual signals of location and time of day.

Finally, Enhanced Campaigns allow more sophisticated analysis of an ad’s success. Advertisers can easily include phone calls of over sixty seconds that have come directly from a click-to-call phone number prompt as a conversion in their Enhanced Campaign AdWords report to then be compared to other conversions, such as sales leads and app downloads.

Google is currently working on upgrading all advertising campaigns running via AdWords, with three million already accessing the new product. Outstanding AdWord accounts will see the new roll-out appear on their screens over the coming weeks.