How to make content that benefits your business

How to make content that benefits your business

In a mobile-first world, one of the biggest behavioral shifts we’ve seen is around curation. People have near-infinite choice and total control over what they watch, read, interact with and buy.

People nowadays turn more often to social media platforms to share their everyday habits. Apparently there is an increasing need of creating moments of meaningful connection. Video, livestreaming, Stories and messaging are the most common ways to connect with each other.

The frequency and universal experience of these everyday moments is what makes them anything but ordinary. With new tools, including Stories and messaging at their disposal, people can choose to share these daily rituals (the outfit of the day, the commuting journey etc.) with one person, a small group or a much wider audience. With their mobile phone in hand every single moment of the day, they can constantly share, curate and consume moments. Which is going to be the “next big thing” that will grab their attention?

Why a moments-based strategic social campaign can build better brands

This new habit of the ongoing nature of once-a-day moments offers plenty of new opportunities to brands as well. Businesses can help people celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary and become a part of the habits that shape daily routines. These moments help marketers build and become part of longer narratives. Once-a-day moments create the space for an ongoing relationship between a brand and its audience.

Sometimes a simple activity like drinking coffee can be full of meaning. For example did you know that Wednesday is the peak day for coffee conversation on social media and presumably, consumption?

Brands should remember that bigger events are often made up of smaller moments, as people look to connect and get more out of their daily rituals. Campaigns that focus on the familiar can connect with a wider audience and have plenty of impact because they are relatable. The morning coffee moment, the watching TV moment, the unwind moment, the on-the-go moment are just some typical examples of daily rituals.

Which is the best platform to curate these moments? Current reports say that one in five Instagram stories leads to a direct message. In other words, when you create some content, you have an opportunity to start a conversation with a potential customer or client 20% of the time.

People are looking more and more for more relevant and personalized experiences. In a world that moments are fluid, whether they take place daily, once-in-a-while or somewhere in between, people have more choices than ever in when, how, with whom (like the ‘close friends’ option on Instagram Stories) and which moments they choose to take part in and celebrate.