How to turn your restaurant into a success with social media

How to turn your restaurant into a success with social media

Social media can be the right means for your restaurant to find strong lifetime customers. Today, more than ever, every business needs to leverage proper social media channels in the best possible way to tackle the challenge posed by the radical increase of the global power of social media platforms.


Surveys show that more than 15% of diners rule out visiting restaurants that lack a social media presence or menu to view online. You can reach the foodies, you can connect with enthusiastic and most engaged food audiences across the web by making your restaurant experience more transparent. Another important factor why your restaurant should build a social media – oriented relationship with a wider audience relies on the ever-evolving nature of every customer’s decision. This is justified by the fact that today one in five Brits check restaurants’ social feeds and websites before deciding whether to visit. 

Creative content creation for the ideal instaurant

With 41% of Brits Instagram users posting pictures of their restaurant meals on social media, it is more than obvious why it’s crucial for your restaurant to have a unique voice. A consistent brand tone of voice that will help your business stand out from the competitors and guarantee success and growth. High quality photos and videos aiming not only to help people understand and learn more about your scrumptious menu options and special mouthwatering dishes, but also to make audience want to taste them. What’s the point of developing a great social media strategy, if nobody cares about it, if no one makes a table reservation, if no one orders anything from your delicacies?


According to a recent report, 28% of diners would like to be able to book a restaurant via its social media accounts. Apparently, in the mobile-first world that we live in Facebook and Instagram can be two basic social media platforms to increase awareness, increase loyalty for food experiences offered to potential diners. Today’s mobile diners have the ability and are given the tools to order whenever and wherever – so you should make sure that you are there when they are hungry. With Facebook Video Ads, Canvas and other features you can introduce people to your special offers, dishes, dine programs. These ads can be created even with location-based relevance for these people that are near your restaurants.

Awesome places need awesome messaging

For many business people it’s really too hard to speak or even write about their business, about what they offer as a service or product. That’s why it’s important to have a really effective social media strategy that incorporates a great storyteller, a social media manager to tell the world just how fantastic you are. Words should be careful chosen to entice customers and increase sales. Attention – grabbing and inspiring captions designed to get diners though your door can offer them a taste of your menu and ultimately a new booking / order for your restaurant.

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