Why SEO is important for business success in 2017?

Why SEO is important for business success in 2017?

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an online marketing technique focused on growing visibility of your website within organic search engines.

What it includes

According to Google there are more than 200 factors that their algorithm looks into to decide ranking of any website. But here are few key elements of SEO:

  • Technical – Build responsive and SEO friendly website, logical structure, easy to crawl, good size, fast load time, hosting to many other factors.
  • Content – Its treated as an oxygen of any website. Without content website cant perform in organic search. Build quality and fresh content for your website on a going basis. Build FAQ driven content than self promotion. Content that focus on targeting audience needs perform better.
  • User Experience – it is one of the most under estimated element. Websites that focus on delivering better user experience with content and quality website tend to perform better in organic search engines.. User experience is considered as new face of SEO.
  • Branding – More popular brand better chances your website has in performing in search engines. Focus on branding, growing awareness of your brand in social and other platforms. Build quality content around brand.
  • Quality link building – Focus on building quality links from authority sites. Links should be contextual and natural. If you focus on all the above 4 points, they will help you grow your links naturally. Please note: More natural and quality links better ranking in search engines.

Overall SEO is simply a matter of making sure your site is structured in a way that search engines understand and users can engage.


Why SEO is important

  • Simply if you have an amazing website but no one can find it in search engines, its like you don’t have site.
  • Your competitors are doing it?
  • 70% of users of search engines still click on organic listings.
  • Organic search deliver 20% more conversion than any direct medium.
  • Its cost effective.
  • Its changing but not going to die soon.


Key SEO trends to keep an eye

  • Mobile search is going higher than desktop search.
  • Voice search is growing. This will change the whole trend of SEO battle
  • Google is steadily moving to a mobile-only world.


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