Instagram's Newest Features: Supporting Creativity and Safety

 Instagram’s Newest Features: Supporting Creativity and Safety

Instagram regularly introduces new updates to make sure the user experience, creativity, and safety. Every week, Instagram introduces new features that change the way users use it and make it more fun, creative, helpful and safe. Whether you are a normal user or a creator, Instagram has something for you. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Extended Content Visibility

The head of the instagram Adam Mosseri has recently announced that Instagram content will now enjoy extended visibility. Before the algorithmic change, content would lose importance as new posts were published. All the post recommendations were just two days old. Now, posts can continue to be reached to a new audience for up to a few weeks, giving creators a longer time to reach more audiences.

Adam Mossery announcing

Upgrades to Carousel Posts

Instagram’s creators have announced that Instagram is making some updates to carousel posts: specifically, a way to add text overlays to individual images you post in a carousel. This is pretty exciting for people who post tutorials, since the text can be put on the image instead of in the caption. 

In addition to text overlays, users will also have more control over the format of their carousel images; alongside the text overlays, users will also be able to post full-size images, portrait or square images.

 Testing Draft Reel Previews

Instagram is testing features designed to help creators get feedback on their Reels before making them public. Some users can now share a preview of their draft Reels with friends within the app as an experimenting stage. This allows creators to gather feedback and make adjustments before posting. Users will be notified of this feature, and a draft will be saved for future access.

Another feature in testing allows creators to share their Reels with a selection of non-followers. This helps gather broader feedback and decide whether to proceed with certain ideas.

These testing features aim to improve content quality by enabling audience sampling and providing creators with the confidence to refine their content before public sharing. While these features are still in testing, they offer promising features for enhancing content quality.

adam mossey announcement

Enhanced Safety for Teens

Instagram is expanding its Limits tool to provide better safety measures, particularly for teenagers. The existing tool allows users to limit interactions—such as comments, DMs, tags, and mentions—to their core community of long-time followers or people they follow back. ‘’It can come in handy if you’re being bullied, or just switched to a new school and want to keep your content close.’’ – Adam Mosseri pointed out the importance of this feature in a recent announcement, highlighting its potential to create a safer environment for young users.

 Encouraging Original Content

To promote original content creation, Instagram is implementing changes that will prioritise original posts over reposted ones in recommendations. Reposted content will be labeled with a link to the original post, and content aggregators that share original with unedited content will be removed from recommendations.

This shift encourages aggregator accounts to add their unique touch to the content or collaborate with original creators. The goal is to foster a more authentic and creative content environment on Instagram.

Cross-Posting Stories to WhatsApp

Instagram is also reportedly planning to allow Stories cross-post to WhatsApp, alongside Facebook. This would be a great way to increase the audience by sharing Stories in WhatsApp – especially because WhatsApp Status has 450 million daily active users, and is growing rapidly. 

Instagram’s continuous updates are designed to keep users engaged and safe. From enhanced carousel posts and extended content visibility to improved safety features and the promotion of original content, Instagram is committed to evolving and providing a dynamic platform for its users. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as Instagram continues to innovate and enhance the user experience.