What you need to know about Barnacle SEO

What you need to know about Barnacle SEO

Barnacle SEO means attaching” yourself to a larger site (such as Yelp or Yahoo! Local) in order to get found when people are searching for the types of products or services you offer.

🚨 This can bring huge benefits to your website’s SEO and Traffic!


How to be a Barnacle

Do the quick search in Google under your strategically important phrases and find out the websites ranked at page 1. Certainly, we are referring to the public sites rather direct competition.

In most cases , you will find various local directories (as below), classified sites, review sites and publisher sites ranking there.

For Example:

  • Local Directories
  • Yelp
  • HotFrog
  • Scoot
  • Yahoo local
  • City Search

Find the full list of UK based local directories here.

Approach: Make sure you submit maximum detail with full description, logo, product images, video, social links and all other required information to hit high profile score.

Don’t forget to ask your happy customers to give you review in these directories too.


Benefits for local Businesses

  • This will enable small businesses to promote their brand on sites ranking under highly competitive keywords. Small sites wont be able to rank under these keywords by their own.
  • By listing / connecting your site within highly ranked local directories, will help local business sites to rank higher in Google under location based keywords too.
  • Grow traffic and leads by connecting with these highly ranked sites.


Barnacle SEO strategies

  • Search your strategically important phrases in google and list the sites where you can add your website profile.
  • I suggest that you find such sites from top 2-3 search result pages of Google. Don’t stick to page 1 only.
  • Search as many different keywords relevant to your site and carry on building the list of sites to attach.
  • Search for Synonymous keywords and find the list sites that were not showing up under you direct keywords.
  • Search competitors’ brand name in Google and find out what stones they are attaching so then you can replicate this too.