Friendly? Serious? Self-promoting? Informative? What’s your businesses impression on social media?

Friendly? Serious? Self-promoting? Informative? What’s your businesses impression on social media?

The way you put a sentence together affects the way your audience views your post and therefore your company. So you will want to think about how you want to be coming across.


Communicating with your audience on a personal level is good for establishing a connection. An overly friendly social page will improve engagement, can build trust amongst your audience and can also increase shares, which in turn grows brand recognition.

However, it could also mean less promotion of your own content, taking attention away from your product and meaning potentially fewer sales.


Providing your audience with information that they find helpful will ensure that they stay connected. An informative type of text lets your audience know that you know what you are talking about. This improves the customer’s belief in your business, as they can clearly see how professional you are.

However, this can come across as boring or overwhelming, which could result in losing followers or people paying less attention to your content.


Self-promoting all the time can push people away from your business, however, you can advertise a product or service without being overly pushy. When you have an actual conversation with your

customers it makes the exchange more personal. You can also involve them in the process, for example by having them pick which product they want to see or hear more.

However, this can be time-consuming as you are communicating with people individually, which could possibly not even end up resulting in a sale.


An overly serious tone on social media can come across as boring to viewers; always try to avoid creating an automated, computerised style when creating posts. You can do this by posting an inspiring quote or an interesting picture or emoji. Also use hashtags, for example, #FridayFeeling, to create an interesting tagline. This also can improve the reach of your post.

However, this can also be an issue as the picture might not appeal to your audience.

Although all styles have both positive and negative points, to achieve the best result on social media you should try and incorporate a mix of all of the above. When you build trust, inform, communicate and entertain the customer you are more likely to get a positive response in the form of a like, comment, share or even a sale. If you are able to achieve this, you’re on your way to creating a top performing social media post