Tips for creating a good link building strategy in 2019

Tips for creating a good link building strategy in 2019

The hardest task for most SEO agencies and experts is creating a good link building seo strategy. In the past decade, link building has changed dramatically. Google has made many changes that have caused link building to shift. Back in the day, the only thing you had to watch out for was the amount of links your client had. If you had more than your competitors, it was a straight win for you. Google did not care about anchor texts, spammy links, relevancy and other factors that the search engine watches out for today. Even though this has made link building harder, it has also helped the searcher find more relevant information with high-quality content, rather than having to trawl through less useful content from artificially-built (through spammy links) high authority sites.

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Method Diversity and Content!

When creating your link building strategy you need diversity. Find out different methods and incorporate them all into your strategy. Use visuals, web 2.0s, guest posts, directories, PR and videos. If you use more than one or two ways then the chance of your links being “natural” is almost certain.

Your content should always be relevant. Do not talk about selling cars if your website sells electronics. Try to keep as close as possible to your

niche. On a rare occasion, however, this might not be the case. Going back to the example above, if you sell electronics for cars then you might want to include brands that are using your product but always try to stay relevant as much as possible. Always include your target keywords, keyword variations, and LSI’s.

The size of your content depends on what method you are using. Directories, for example, do not require much content as you are simply submitting your site with a short description. Other methods such as Blog Posts need to have a bare minimum of 400 words. The rule here is the bigger the better. While you are not exactly writing your PhD thesis, anything below 5,000 would seem natural. Include images, videos or other types of visuals. The reader of the content always wants to see an exciting visual or watch a video. Simply having a bunch of words might get overwhelming and cause the reader to leave because there is too much information.

The next step is to define your link target by picking which page of your site needs boosting. Look at the rankings of keywords for your site and pick a page that might need a boost to help get on that first page of search results. Building links to a page that is already ranked in the top three positions for a targeted keyword is just a waste of time. Find opportunities that will lead other keywords to come up on the first page. Once you have selected your target and your content is ready, then the next step is deciding on your anchor text. Just like everything else, you need to rely on diversity. Avoid using the same anchor text for all your links. If you are not sure about anchors you can always check what your competitors are using for anchor text for their links.

When you have all of the things above set up and figured out, you are ready to go. Your content, target page and anchor text are all ready and all you have to do now is upload your content. If you have prepared a blog post then you need to select where you want to upload it. Throughout the web there are many lists of high authoritative sites to use. Select one of them, because if you chose a low authority site, all the time you have spent creating your content would have gone to waste. If you have chosen a blog, you have to make sure it consists of posts that are relevant to your own content and make sure that it is always updated with new content. Avoid posting anything

to blogs that are not updated with fresh content or blogs that have only one or two posts on them.

In conclusion

Your number one priority is to be diverse. You should not be stuck with great content and have no idea how to use it. Apply different methods and different types of links and you should be good to go. Always make sure the content you have is relevant to both your site and the platform you are publishing to. If you can’t find enough time to build links on your own, maybe you need to consider turning to a digital marketing agency to help you.