Top five must-have tools for start-up business founders

Top five must-have tools for start-up business founders

If your start-up is going to go from idea to reality to acquisition, you’re going to need a lot of help along the way. It is the nature of start-up business that the founder has to do a lot, from recruiting, building strategy and recruiting to operation management, payments and many other functionalities.

The best way to manage all of these areas of responsibility is to use smart tools.

There are so many start-up tools available online; here are the top five that we believe can help you in key operational areas.

Number 1: Staying focused

Be Focused – This tool helps you stay on task, track your goals, and keep an eye on breaks. It’s a perfect tool for start-up founders who have got a lot on their plate.

Number 2: Marketing Leads

* Check out Email Finder or Clearbit Connect: Use either of these tools to find the email addresses of your targeted prospects.

* Use LinkedIn – This is a great tool to connect with your prospects and targeted audiences. Once you are connected, it will give you access to the contact details and the full profile of your targets.

Number 3: Payment management

For start-up businesses, it is very important to get paid on time. Chasing up unpaid invoices is not just time-consuming but also the reason why many start-ups are forced to close. To manage your payments we recommend Due, an app that tracks who owes you what and when the money is due. It then helps you get your money. There are also many other features that can really help start-ups with their payment management.

Number 4: Human Resource Management

HR is another area that a lot of start-up founders struggle with.

To help with this, check out Gusto for a tool that takes the complexity out of human resources by making payroll and benefits easy to handle for any boss, regardless of past experience.

Number:5 Managing Meetings

Managing meetings is another challenge for start-up businesses, particularly when they don’t have much staff. Here are few of the tools that you might like to look at to help with this. The list includes both free and paid tools