Watch out Youtube IGTV is here!

Watch out Youtube IGTV is here!

instagram app on a iphonePopular image sharing app Instagram has recently launched IGTV (Instagram TV) with a ready-made audience of the individual’s followers and the ability to upload video up to an hour in length, could this be a big element of the already popular platform?

Could you become an Instagram TV star?

Everyone will be able to upload videos for IGTV – which will display full-screen, in another move forward for content that is specifically for mobile the videos will be vertical. To start uploading content, click on the cog icon once you are in the IGTV section. Much like the incredibly successful Youtube, you’ll be prompted to create a channel then a place for your videos linked to your account will be created. In the long term, Instagram wants to let all users post videos of unlimited length; the idea is that IGTV will one-day host full-blown ‘shows’ that can challenge traditional TV.

Money and branding.

YouTube for a while now has been a place where the talented can earn a living –with some dedicated Youtubers turning a very good profit from advertising. At the moment there is no way to do the same with IGTV; Instagram is not paying for any content in the short-term, and the service will launch with no ads. But the company has said that it does plan to eventually see rewards for people making more popular videos.

At the moment we’ve not seen many hour long videos on IGTV but the feature is still young, as it grows in popularity It will become a good place for brands to share longer content, this will be especially effective if they already have a large Instagram following. With 60 per cent of Instagram’s users being between 16 and 24, this longer video format could prove very valuable to those trying to get a message to a young audience.

IGTV is something that Q-Online will be keeping an eye on, it’ll be interesting to see if the views reach that of the already successful feature ‘Instagram Stories’ and to see any emerging new IGTV stars!

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