Search trends and latest product features are prominent in the overhaul of the Google Partners exam. Google has made several changes to the AdWords Search Advertising exam in order to bring it in line with new platform features and industry trends. The exam is one of the two Google Partners tests that you have to pass to gain AdWords certification – the other test is AdWords Fundamentals.

Here are some of the new topics that form part of the updated Search Advertising exam curriculum:

  • search advertising trends;
  • call-only ads;
  • mobile ads (app extensions, mobile app installs, mobile app engagement);
  • remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA);
  • enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC), flexible bid strategies;
  • auction insights, paid and organic report, segments;
  • cross-device conversions; and
  • opportunities tab

The exam’s format will remain the same. It lasts for 120 minutes and is comprised of 100 questions – with the minimum requirement for a pass being 80 per cent.

Updates have been made to both the study guide and the refresher guide, where you can find handy tips if you’re preparing for the exam.



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