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SEO company in the UK

If you are a business owner or manager based in Kent who is looking for expert SEO support, then look no further! At Q-Online, we offer a suite of search engine optimisation services that suits all kinds of companies and organisations, from large international enterprises to locally based operations. We also provide white label seo services for local digital marketing agencies and offline marketing businesses.

Q-Online has built up extensive digital marketing and SEO experience across a wide range of sectors in the UK and abroad. We can work with businesses across Kent, providing a truly individual, bespoke approach to ensure that our contribution adds genuine value while representing excellent value for money and a sound investment for anyone looking for proactive, results-driven SEO in Kent.

Make your website work harder

In these digitally-led days, no business can rely on
simply having a website out there to draw in quality sales leads. Word of mouth
will only take you so far. By integrating a full UK SEO operation into your
internet presence and social media interactions, you can feel confident that
your messages are being crafted and communicated to reach your exact target
market, in the right geographical location and at the right time. Your website
can become the powerful sales tool that it was intended to be.

How Our services can power up your website

Q-Online’s SEO services kent are designed to fit with every business sector, and to fit seamlessly into any type or size of business. Whether your head office is based in Kent, you have an office as part of a wider regional network or you are s small or medium-sized business or sole trader operating out of your home, then why not give us a call to see how we can help?

We have previously worked with a wide range of businesses
to provide SEO in Kent and the UK. These include, but are by no means
restricted to the following sectors:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Law firms
  • Real estate
  • Dentists
  • E-commerce
We are a SEO company here to help businesses in Portsmouth

If you are seeking professional SEO support in Kent for
your business in one of these sectors, or any other industry, we can provide
you with an informed, experienced and enthusiastic service.

SEO for the businesses in Kent

Local Optimisation

Investing in local SEO is a great way for any small or
medium sized business to grow the audience in the local area, attract more
customers and generate a positive vibe in the place where they operate or are
based. It has been well-documented that a vast number of Google searches
contain locally based words and, despite the rise of the global internet and
e-commerce, people still like to shop locally and trade with people within
their own community.

Q-Online can help you hone your SEO to attract local enquiries by a multitude of methods. We understand how local searching works and which phrases are the most commonly used when someone is actively seeking to spend money, rather than performing a passive search for tips or advice online. We can help you ‘localise’ your website so that it works well with Google’s algorithms and products such as Google Maps. We can also help you attract positive ratings and reviews, deal with any negative ones and provide social media management advice and support to enhance your SEO and internet presence to audiences all over the local area.


National SEO is just as crucial to businesses operating in the local area as local SEO is, as it helps to improve overall online visibility, increase credibility and attract targeted sales leads to push sales. This SEO service focuses on increasing a company’s rankings in the search engines using broader keywords, rather than geographically-based alternatives. It works well as a strategy alongside local SEO campaigns.

Q-Online can work with your Kent-based business to create
a national SEO campaign that includes advanced keyword research and mapping,
analysis of your current position with regards to Google’s algorithms and a
longer-term national SEO and digital marketing strategy.


More and more people are relying on e-commerce to do their
shopping, often eschewing the high street altogether in favour of the ease of
browsing online, paying via the website and having items delivered straight to
their door. Businesses within the e-commerce sector are therefore faced with
growing competition and the need for top quality e-commerce SEO.

Q-Online can help your business stay on top of its e-commerce SEO requirements. We can identify the most effective keywords for your particular niche in the market – and these won’t always be the most obvious ones. We will show you how highlighting individual products and categories can be a better method when it comes to SEO. Our e-commerce SEO team will work with you to run a full analysis of your existing site to see how people are finding it via keyword searching. We will then draw up a strategy to optimise your content to increase its efficacy for e-commerce SEO and then link this to your other digital marketing activities and goals.

Website design

The basis of any effective SEO campaign is the design and contents of the website are supported. If you have a well-designed, intuitive and easily navigable site, then this will impress visitors and keep them browsing for longer. This is then more likely to result in sales and repeat visits. If you are thinking of setting up a new business in Kent, or would like a complete overhaul of an existing website, we can help you create a compelling, informative and SEO-friendly result.

Our design team have worked on websites from across a wide range of industry sectors, incorporating local, national and sector-specific SEO, aligning them with various Google algorithms and keeping content fresh and regularly updated through blogs, social media interaction and link building. We can take on the project in its entirety for you, or work alongside your own web team to add value wherever it is required. We are also happy to audit existing websites and offer consultancy SEO services regarding web design in Kent and elsewhere in the UK as required.


Are you ready to rank higher in Google? Is your SEO and
website content water-tight, but you don’t know how to maker the most out of
your advertising budget? We can help you create a compelling, cost-effective
pay per click advertising campaign that will attract good quality sales leads
and create a positive vibe about your business all over the internet. Our
detailed knowledge of Google Ads – considered the most popular PPC advertising
system in the world, can help you to take full advantage of the potential
visibility this powerful tool can offer.

As you only pay when someone clicks on your advert, it
makes sense to work with an expert team to ensure that you are using the most
effective words, and that your success rate (or otherwise) is constantly
monitored and expertly analysed for future continuation or adjustment as
required. We will draw up a list of keywords to be sued, based on their
relevance to your company, how popular they are with people searching for your
type of services and how competitive they are in terms of other businesses also
seeking to use them to attract sales. We can also conduct extensive competitor
analysis to help inform your own PPC advertising.

Interested in our SEO services?

For more information about how Q-Online and our digital
marketing experts can help your business in Kent enhance its local, national
and e-commerce SEO, give us a call today to see how we can help.

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